New to Bowls

New to Bowls?

If you are new to the game of lawn bowls here are a few points by way of introduction.

Bowls is played both indoors and outdoors so can be enjoyed throughout the year. Most bowls is played on a flat green although there is an altenative game, Crown Green, which is played on a slightly bevelled surface.

The game is played in rinks about 5m wide. A small white ball, the jack is bowled first down the centre of the rink. Each team then bowls in turn to get as close as possible to the jack. The bowls used are weighted so as to run in a curved line when bowled down the green. After each player or team has bowled in turn, the score is given to the side with their bowls closest to the jack.

A match will consist of a set number of 'ends' or up to a predetermined score.

The skills of the game are in being able to get up to the jack and to bowl tactically to block your opponents or knock their bowls away from a scoring position. The competitive nature of match play will appeal to all sportsmen and women of any age.

Woodbridge Bowls Club organise a number of club competitions, social games, and play in several competitive local leagues. We have members from beginner standard up to county players. New players may reasonably expect to reach a sufficent standard to participate in these events within a season or two.

Although played at a leisurely pace bowls is surprisingly good exercise. However, it can be played successfully even when age begins to take its toll!

The cost of a set of 4 bowls is from about £120 although there are frequently second hand sets available in the club. The dress requirements are that flat “no heel” shoes are worn on the green. For matches and competitions white tops and grey trousers/skirts.

There are two ruling bodies who control the game in the UK with slightly differing rules, Bowls England and English Bowling Federation. Woodbridge is affiliated to both bodies.

If you want to “have a go” then contact the club for an informal introduction to the game and try a few shots.

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